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Flame-hardening is an accelerated, economical method for selectively hardening specific areas on the surface of a part. Flame Hardening is performed to selected metal surfaces of carbon and alloy steels, cast and ductile irons and some stainless steels, followed by an appropriate quenching method.


There are many benefits to flame hardening. Increased wear resistance, less distortion and reduced processing time and the ability to use low to medium carbon steels. All of these benefits contribute to reduced costs while still meeting the required part specifications for surface hardness and increased resistance to wear.


With many years of experience, technical expertise and specialized equipment, we are capable to provide the most effective and economic use of the flame-hardening process.

Benefits of Flame Hardening

Flame-hardening saves time which saves money by hardening only selective areas. There is less final machining and grinding with flame-hardening than in other methods. Flame-hardening yields high hardness for increased life. Compared to other methods of heat treating, there is less distortion with flame-hardening


Processing time is less with flame-hardening. Costly alloy steels can be substituted for less expensive carbon steels when flame-hardening is employed. Through increased wear resistance, flame-hardening provides less down time.

Examples of Parts we Flame Harden

Bushings Gears Liners
Cams Rollers Machine
Capstans Shafts Ways
Cast bed ways Wheels Pallets
Crane drums Pulleys Punches
Dies Sheaves Rails
Gears Harbors Rings
House & Feed Rams Sheaves
Screws Rolls Sprokets
Lagging Drums Tracks  




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